Please Read and Understand the Following Super Exciting Legal Stuff Before Using This Guide

The Grand Enchantment Trail is entirely conceptual in nature; it verifiably does not exist in the field and is nothing more than the catch-all name we've chosen to give to the information contained on this website. This information describes a route that comprises existing hiking trails and vehicle roads, and occasional cross-country terrain. The information presents a hypothetical way of traveling on public lands, on legal rights-of-way and elsewhere by permission only. This information is offered in a non-commercial capacity and, to the extent that it is non-defamatory in nature, is not invasive of privacy, and does not incite imminent illegal conduct, is protected free speech. (Parties who have reason to believe the described route infringes on their legal rights in any way are encouraged to contact us.)

Any person electing to follow the described route does so completely voluntarily, with neither expressed nor implied directive from us, the authors of this information and administrators of this website (henceforth "we" or "us"). Should you choose to act on any of the information contained on this website, you hereby acknowledge your full understanding that we in no way guarantee the accuracy, timeliness, or advisability of this information and assume no responsibility for its use or misuse. You, and/or any persons to whom you supply this information or whom you elect to "lead" or "guide" along the route, agree to hold us free from any and all liability. Hiking, backpacking, horseback riding, and mountain biking inherently involve a certain amount of risk, so you agree to use this guide as part of an overall approach to maintaining safety in the backcountry, and to not assume its endorsement of a particular road, trail, creek crossing, etc. Conditions in the field can change, sometimes quickly, and property boundaries and private landowner relationships can change without warning to exclude public access. In short, use this guidebook and all website info at your own risk!

Please note that we strongly discourage guided group outings along the Grand Enchantment Trail, as this arrangement invariably places less experienced hikers in a position of dependency upon a group leader whose ability to safely meet expectations demands more certainty than such a conceptual route can reasonably offer. (Guiding outfits are therefore requested not to advertise the Grand Enchantment Trail by name in their program offerings.)


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