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Ultralight Mosquito Headnet

"One third of an ounce, elastic crown, and generous volume - the lightest functional mosquito headnet available." - Backpacking Light Magazine

Ultralight Mosquito Headnet

Most headnets are heavy (for what they actually accomplish), don't fit well, don't stay in place when not in use, are poorly breathable and thus uncomfortable in warm weather, while hiking, or while sleeping, and don't allow you to view the wildlife and scenery you came out to enjoy in the first place.

The most unique features of the Ultralight Mosquito Headnet are (1) its light weight, (2) an elastic crown to keep the headnet in place over your head or a cap when not in use, and (3) a mesh fabric that provides better ventilation and visibility than noseeum mesh. This headnet was designed by Peter Vacco and proven on his many years of trekking in Alaska's Arctic and Canada's Northwest Territories. We've added to the design by including a "floating" top piece for even greater bug protection and versatility. Simblissity is proud to manufacture this item in the USA, exclusively for BackpackingLight.com.


  • Unconventional nonwoven ultralight mesh weave keeps mosquitoes out while offering improved breathability and visibility over headnets made with noseeum mesh
  • Fabric pattern provides enough interior volume for wearing the headnet over brimmed caps and allowing for comfortable breathing
  • Fitted drop front allows for headnet compatibility with zip-T neck shirts with their zipper open, without adding the weight of a typical cylindrical headnet
  • Drawcord hem uses ultralight drawcord and toggle to save weight while allowing the headnet to be cinched to improve its seal against insects, or left open for maximum ventilation
  • Elastic headnet crown allows the headnet to be secured over the crown of a cap, keeping it secure in the wind, or while hiking through brush, when the headnet is pulled up and not in use
  • Unique "floating" top piece works in conjunction with the elastic crown to keep the headnet away from the head and face, even without the benefit of a brimmed hat
  • Ultralight materials (fabric, toggle, drawcord, and elastic) make it light enough to carry three for the weight of one headnet made with standard noseeum mesh


  • Fabric: ultralight synthetic mesh
  • Color: black
  • Weight: 0.33 oz (9 g)

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The Ultralight Mosquito Headnet is now sold exclusively through the website of the product's inventor, Peter Vacco. Click below to order this item from PetersHeadnets.com


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