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LevaGaiter ultralight strapless gaiters

An ultralight, ultra-breathable scree gaiter made of tough, stretchy Durastretch® fabric. Keeps mud, sand, and other debris out of low-cut trail footwear without the need for an undershoe cord or glue-and-velcro.

Total weight per pair: 1.8 ounces (52 grams)

Available in the following colors:

LITE gray*
*LITE gray is currently out of stock. We don't know when this color will be available again.


(for gaiter-wearing mortals)

Scree gaiters, ankle gaiters, shorties... Call them what we may, these low-rise foot defenders are just plain handy to have around, especially for the ultralight crowd whose low-cut running and trail shoes need all the defending they can get. But while most scree gaiters are capable of keeping out debris, mud, and grit, most are also overbuilt, poorly ventilated, or otherwise anathema to the fast & light set. And even the lighter choices almost always rely on instep lanyards to keep the gaiter down over the shoe's opening - nylon or even Spectra cords that invariably fray and fail over the course of miles.

Simblissity's LevaGaiteris a different type of ultralight scree gaiter designed to stay in place, down over the opening of a low-cut shoe, without the need for an anchoring device. No undershoe cords required! And no heel velcro or glue, either, so you can change shoes at will and never need to modify your footwear. These gaiters won't rise up in rebellion because they're designed to fit rather than fight. They won't fall down either - not off the heel, not down the ankle.

How do we accomplish this? The answer is in the gaiter's shape, in its use of stretchy, woven Durastretch® fabric along with a non-stretch, tensionable bottom edge, and in a unique "floating" hook & loop closure that lets you adjust the fit to suit your needs. We've eliminated the usual snap fasteners along with their weight and limitations on fit, but have retained a full-front closure so you can don and doff these gaiters without having to remove your shoes. LevaGaiters even come with ultralight eyelets, so you can still use instep lanyards if you prefer, such as when postholing in spring snowpack or fording raging rivers. Most of the time, though, you won't need them. And as any hiker or runner who's ever shredded their gaiter cords might attest, not needing them in the first place is an idea whose time has surely come.

  • Rugged 4-way stretch Durastretch® lycra/Antron® nylon construction - a supremely breathable, fast-drying fabric that gains very little weight when wet. More durable than lycra alone, this single-layer Durastretch® fabric is considerably more ventilating than eVent® and other waterproof/breathable fabrics. (Durastretch® is not intended to be waterproof.)
  • Secure hook & loop closure design with unique, "floating" lace hook that adjusts to fit the layout of your laces
  • Articulated shape stays in place without lanyards or heel velcro
  • Ultralight eyelets (9/64" internal diameter) permit use of instep cords if desired (cords not included)
  • Trim, low-profile fit is ideally suited for lightweight, low-top shoes and boots
  • Can be put on and taken off without removing your shoes
  • Accommodates most sizes & styles of low-top trail footwear
  • Not intended for use with over-the-ankle-height (mid or high-top) boots
  • Weight per pair: 1.8 ounces (52 grams)

Please note: Use of the gaiter's lace hook is necessary for proper fit, and should be attached to shoelaces at least 7.5 inches forward from heel of shoe. Using a ruler, measure your shoes from the heel area straight forward to the lace area. If you've still got laces at 7.5" on the ruler, you're all set! Use this sizing criteria along with the corresponding shoe size chart to determine which size LevaGaiter you need.

"I haven't been a gaiter fan for a number of years, as they just didn't seem worth the trouble. But your gaiters have changed my mind, and they'll be going on most of my trips from now on." - Glen Van Peski, founder Gossamer Gear

"These gaiters fit very well and don't require a strap under the shoe (which always wears out very quickly). Not waterproof, but also very breathable and not too warm. Perfect for non-snow hiking with trail runners."
- John Mackey, CEO Whole Foods Market

"I recently purchased a pair of your LevaGaiters and I've used them on every backpacking and hiking trip since I received them. They're a truly excellent product - well-made (in America!), simple, elegant and supremely functional. They keep the worst of the muck and dust out of my low-cut trail running and hiking shoes, they're very light, and super-easy to clean (I just hose them off and air-dry them)." - John A., Washington

"I just wanted to tell you how well my Simblissity gaiters performed this weekend. I did a 3 day hike in central Florida in deep sugar sand, which normally means stopping once every 2 hours and emptying my shoes of sand. But with you gaiters, I never stopped to dump sand out of my shoes. Also the temperature was about 80 degrees and my feet didn't feel abnormally hot! And I wear New Balance Minimus shoes and the gaiter never slipped off the small heel. Simply put, your Simblissity gaiters are simply superb!" - Mike D., Florida

"I led a group on the AT’s 100 mile wilderness last summer and in addition to other adventuring since, I have roughly 600 miles on that pair of Levagaiters and they look brand new. The fit remains perfect and they stay in place without cords even in loose fluffy snow." - Logan K., Maine

"They're very breathable, but don't seem to soak through in the rain. They haven't ever slipped up on the back of my shoes, even without an under-shoe cord. No signs of wear after more than 100 miles. Highly recommended." - Douglas F., BackpackingLight.com forums contributor

"After 30 miles of dusty trail, scree, off-trail and even a river dunking, I rate the Levagaiter a 9 out of 10. They work perfectly and no need for a lanyard." - Paul, Practical Backpacking™ Forums Moderator

"I love these gaiters. I wear them every time I go hiking. They breathe well, dry fast, keep debris out of my shoes and stay in place. When I first used the gaiters it took a few tries to get the fit right but after I re-read the directions I had no problems. I have used them in deep snow and would agree with the manufacturer that an underfoot lanyard is necessary to keep the heel of the gaiter from riding up. In all other conditions I have found a lanyard unnecessary to keep the gaiter in place." - Stuart B., BackpackingLight.com reader review

"I really do not want to wear any other gaiter! Once you wear the best, it sucks to wear the rest." - Jeremy W., 2009 PCT thru-hiker in planning


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